Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Change of Plans

Grandpa has opted not to go to the cremation thing after all. Mom thinks he didn't understand that it was optional and once Lea explained it to him again in the car, he decided he didn't need to be there for it. Everyone is quite relieved, not the least Mom who really didn't want to go.

Baby went down like a ton of bricks tonight. It's a beautiful thing. Last night she woke at around 2am, sort of cooing and inquiring if anyone was interested in some wee-hour playtime with an adorable baby, then dropped back off for a bit, then woke up yelling like she was hungry, so I got up at that point and brought her to bed where she nursed and fell back to sleep. We are still perfecting the "how warm should we keep the house at night" thing so it is theorized that she might have gotten a little chilly as well.

It's finally cold enough here to worry about heat, we have had such a glorious extended Indian summer (do we have to call them Native American summers now? Must check on that, as do not wish to appear Culturally Insensitive, even inadvertantly) that it seemed as if fall would never arrive. Now the trees are colorful and there's a little bite to the air, and it gets a little cool at night. Best bring the air conditioner in from the window I suppose. That was the most fabulous thing ever... It was 90's and above many, many days this summer, which is sort of atypical for this area, and we would have suffered without that A/C.

Must be off and clean the kitchen. Again. Why, why, why do they not install water resistant kitchens that you can just hose out and wash all the grimy bits down a drain in the floor?! I clean that stupid kitchen every day. And whose bright idea was it to make white formica countertops?! Better than tile I suppose, no grout etc, but jeez louise, couldn't we get something that doesn't stain so easily?

Okay, now I'm scaring myself with this hausfrau thing. I need to go finish the NY Times crossword puzzle in ink or something. Would it help to tell you that I read graphic novels by the cartload lately? They are edgy and hip... I swear, I'm not sitting around comparison-testing brands of dish soap ("You're soaking in it!")... not yet, anyway...

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