Sunday, June 03, 2007

Power to the Poultrytariat!

We decided to clip the chickens' wings and let them roam the backyard at will. Today was the inaugural stomp around the yard -- sort of.

J. detached the chicken hut from the pen and pointed it out so the ramp to the doorway sticks out into the yard, thus enabling the birdies to step on out as they wish. But after two years of confinement to their smallish pen, they are a bit overwhelmed at having options and so far have declined to stray far from the pen. In fact they hang around under their house and in the pen enclosure when they are not inside their hut. Evidently the are just not getting it. One assumes that eventually they will.

We went out early this morning since it was so warm, and a smallish member of the household was so excited about the freeing of the banties that I was forced to run for the camera. I was looking at the paper and turned my head just in time to witness Delia hiking across the yard with a chicken under her arm. I have some idea, I think, of how the rest of the summer will be spent.

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