Monday, June 04, 2007

Taking my lumps

I have not blogged about this but shall, finally: I did not make it into nursing school.

I did not make it this time, because although I was led to believe that I had first 46 points and then 49 points (out of 53 total possible), I in fact had 43. The shock of getting a letter that said "no" when I had really expected one that said "yes" was so depressing that I just couldn't face blogging about it.

The cutoff for selection varies from deadline to deadline depending on the pool, they just total everyone up and skim off the top however many, but it has generally been in the neighborhood of 46 for the April deadline and lower for the October one. So you can see why I was pretty sure I'd get in, since I thought I had 49 points.

They start 3 new classes per year, 40 students in each, and the April deadline selects for Winter term, October for Spring and Fall. So had I made it, I would have been going in January. As it is, I now have 47 points and in two weeks I will have 50, which puts me definitely in for October, and I should start in April of next year though it could be September if there are 40 other applicants with 50 points or more and an earlier log-in date than mine. Which is the tiebreaker.

I had to make an appointment with advising anyway to fill out some paper for financial aid, so I had them go over my points and am now reasonably mollified, but it still stings a bit.

On the same day that this letter came and slapped me in my overly-confident, misinformed face, we also got one from the insurance company telling us that a medical bill was not covered. For 6600 dollars. So I was shocked, dismayed, and totally stressed out for the whole week.

Then we called about it and were informed that the bill is actually covered, though not the 500 dollar copay which we would have had to pay either way, so my week brightened considerably at that point.

May your weeks go better than that one did for me.


yellojkt said...

Sorry about nursing school, but it sounds like you have a great chance for the next round.

Elizabeth said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry this happened. It sucks they told you that you had the wrong number of points. Sounds like you are a shoe-in for the spring!