Monday, June 25, 2007

Chickeny goodness, and meeples

So a few nights ago I was on the phone to my better half who was away and suddenly the back patio was crawling with chickens. Disgruntled chickens who were loafing about complaining and bellyaching. It being 9pm or so I felt compelled to check out their hut to see what was driving them out into the night, since typically they hit the sheets by about 7 and are not heard from again until morning.

I cracked open the back doors of their hut, which is in desperate need of cleanage, and found a small possum inside. Naturally, I did the only logical thing (after squeaking loudly and jumping backwards, involuntarily) -- I ran for the camera.

Once I had taken sufficient photos, I brandished a dollar-store water shooter (like a giant plastic syringe, which shoots about 30 feet and is a total deal if you ask me) that was lying in the yard and used it to poke the little varmint until it wandered down the ramp and scurried under the shed.

In the meantime, one of the chickens had discovered the vent from the gas fireplace. Turns out that it's warm all the time from the pilot light, and what nicer place for a chicken to homestead than beneath a yummy warm fireplace vent? And how nice of us to provide them with these lovely, cushiony pots of Gerber daisies upon which to roost!

There was a lot of grumbling as I carried each one back to the hut and then closed the door on them. Some of it even came from the chickens. Since then I have had to put them into their hut every night and am going to be relocating the Gerber daisies today since I do like them and would like to see them bloom again.

Today, Delia is watching a bit of Backyardigans while unclothed. I have tried to dress her but she has taken an anti-clothing stance today. Today's episode had a pirate theme and she excitedly yelled to me, "MAMA! I'M A PIRATE! WITH MEEPLES! AND I'M NAKED!" I offer photographic evidence of same:

By the way, meeples = nipples. Thanks to Grandma for teaching her this important anatomical term!

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