Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This 'n That

Took the baby to her 3 year checkup today, is has been confirmed that she is indeed tall and kinda skinny, and also healthy as a horse. 39.5 inches tall, 34.5 pounds, and very subdued yet cooperative during her appointment. Our child, who never ever shuts up, said nothing at all for the duration of her examination until a final, whispered "bye" when it was over. Immediately the door was closed she opened her wee mouth and chattered on about stickers and that thing they look in your ears with and so forth, until we got into the car whereupon she sang all the way home.

In other news, I made this car charm for a classmate. Kindly ignore the slightly tatty kitchen towel upon which it is displayed.

The little bejeweled handbag charm was in my arsenal from a shopping trip some time ago, awaiting matching with its rightful owner. I typically go to a local pub after class on Friday nights and spend an hour or so having a nosh with this girl from my class, and she recently obtained for me a free pass to this cool exhibit, so I thought, I should make her a little bracelet or car charm or something. And then the handbag charm gave out a tiny shout from the bead box and that was it.

Being a car charm, its sole purpose in life is to dangle from the rear-view mirror of a car and look pretty. It is not imbued with magical powers... or is it?

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