Monday, March 26, 2007

The Oregon Coast

Went on the long-awaited beach weekend, all excited about puttering around on the shore picking up the drab shells and sand dollars between rainstorms.

Oh yeah, speaking of rainstorms? Came home early.

We were prepared for some rain, but not the constant, relentless monsooning we encountered. And which would have been kind of groovy except that staying all day with an almost-3-year-old in a motel room with no outlet for her boundless energy makes pretty much any potentially groovy circumstance Not So Groovy. We found ourselves out of dry clothes by Saturday afternoon and once it occurred to us that we were watching videos, napping, snacking, and playing with the computer, just like we do at home but at exorbitant beach prices, we decided to cut it short. So we drove home through the pouring, blowing rain.

And found that our babysitter had a) dyed her hair in our bathroom and dripped it onto the rug, and b) stolen prescription painkillers from us at some point in the past two weeks. (Hey, little word of advice: two or three pills missing from a bottle containing 15 would maybe not be noticed, but if you leave only four in the bottle -- yeah, not such a great idea, Mandy... or whichever of your little friends you might have had over. Either way, you're not coming back here. We don't need people like you or your friends around our stuff, or more importantly, our kid.)*

Great weekend huh?

On the brighter side, I just checked my grades and found that I got an A. :)


Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your grades! And I'm sorry about the sucky weekend. What did you do about the babysitter? Did you confront her?

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on the grade, sorry to hear about the weekend! It wasn't quite as rainy here on Saturday but yesterday was miserable. Hope to see you before I leave Friday night (still thinking of coming to see me off at the airport?) - E

Impetua said...

J is going to call her this evening. I'm sure she will deny it. Or blame someone else. But who else could it have been? Sigh....

And, Second Elizabeth, I'm still thinking of it! We could have a late night snack or treat beforehand if you like. Email or call with your preflight itinerary and we'll make it work!