Thursday, March 08, 2007

Meme mayhem!

THE BOOK MEME! Courtesy of yellojkt (who calls 'em as he sees 'em)

* Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror? Science fiction and/or fantasy. I used to read some Steven King but haven't in a long time (like nearly twenty years), that was about it for horror.
* Hardback or Trade Paperback or Mass Market Paperback? Prefer trade paperback but hardback for the real "keepers."
* Amazon or Brick and Mortar? Amazon if I know exactly what I want and don't think it will be at the bookstore; otherwise bookstore.
* Barnes & Noble or Borders? Aren't they more or less interchangeable? I like to browse used bookstores and thriftstores, also Powell's is just across the river although it's gotten kind of expensive.
* Hitchhiker or Discworld? Hitchhiker. Have never read Discworld.
* Bookmark or Dogear? Bookmark. The one exception is if the page has been pre-dogeared.
* Magazine: Asimov’s Science Fiction or Fantasy & Science Fiction? Uh, I guess I'm not a big enough nerd/dork/geek/whatever to have read these magazines.
* Alphabetize by author, Alphabetize by title, or random? Generally, genre and then by author or at least in a visually attractive manner. I used to be a page (book-shelver) at the library so I know my craft, but I'm just not that anal about them at home.
* Keep, Throw Away or Sell? Keep the ones I can't live without, sell the rest.
* Keep dust-jacket or toss it? Keep unless it's already tatty.
* Read with dustjacket or remove it? Remove, because otherwise it drives me insane.
* Short story or novel? Novel. A good short story just leaves me wanting more anyway.
* Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket? I read a little Lemony and it just didn't appeal to me. I'm a bit fanatic about Harry Potter though... :)
* Stop reading when tired or at chapter breaks? Usually when tired but I try to make it to chapter break if possible.
* "It was a dark and stormy night" or "Once upon a time?" Either.
* Buy or Borrow? Buy if it's important enough, borrow if it's just recreational. I can't afford the expense or the space to store books I may or may not love.
* Buying choice: Book Reviews, Recommendation or Browse? Browse and some reviews.
* Lewis or Tolkien? Both for very different reasons.
* Collection (short stories by the same author) or Anthology (short stories by different authors)? I'm not that into short stories, so neither.
* Tidy ending or Cliffhanger? Tidy ending please.
* Morning reading, Afternoon reading or Nighttime reading? Nighttime, but all day if it's a good one and I can find other times to read than just before bed.
* Standalone or Series? Either if they are good, but most series should really only run a few books long and then stop. These ones with 47 books in them are usually pretty formulaic after the first few.
* Favorite book of which nobody else has heard? : Sexing the Cherry" by Jeannette Winterson
* Top 5 favorite genre books of all time? Too much to think about, I don't read all these genres.
o Classic Science fiction:
o Modern Science Fiction:
o Classic Fantasy: Lord Of The Rings
o Modern Fantasy:
o Mystery:
o Thriller:
* Favorite genre series?
* Currently Reading? Um... mostly textbooks currently.

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