Sunday, March 18, 2007


Finals went well. Only a few questions I had doubts about on the lab final, and I had a good idea of what they probably were, so I think I did well overall. The lecture final I think I did fine with, although sometimes I get dinged a half a point here and a half a point there for little things.

So, I think the chances are likely that I got an A in the class.

Of course, between alternately studying and feeding my WoW addiction, I was up til close to 1am Friday night (yes, technically Saturday morning) and then got up four hours later to do some last minute cramming of the minute detail stuff that likes to fall out of your brain when you sleep. Like, the names of the layers of an artery wall. I knew there were three layers of tissue and two layers of elastic material in an artery, but couldn't remember their names. Sure enough, she dragged out the giant model of blood vessels and we had to name the middle layer (tunica media) and the innermost coating of a vein (endothelium). See, now, if I hadn't suddenly gotten a wild hair about looking those up in the parking lot right before I went into the exam, I would have missed them! Providential.

Then we drove off to the farm for some birthday partying and some cow birthing. J's sister is a sort of a country vet and her husband is a truck driving, mule breeding, elk hunting type of guy. They have about 50 acres and on those acres you can usually find an interesting assortment of critters: llamas, chickens, a goat, a few cows, some mules, horses, a donkey or two, maybe a pig or three... some of the stock kind of rotates, rescue animals and the like, while others are permanent fixtures. They have three cows right now and yesterday morning one of them calved. Another of them, an enormous animal, was carrying twins and ready to pop, and went into labor while we were there. Amy had already decided that when the cow went into labor she was going to pull the calves out because this cow had lost her last calves due to a difficult birth and she didn't want to lose these two also. So, while everyone watched in horror and amazement, that's just what she did. And two little brown and white calves came into the world.

Actually, I missed the whole thing. I took the baby and one of her cousins up to the house to use the potty and once we got up there, neither wanted to leave, so I sat in a recliner and read a Mule Enthusiasts Quarterly or some such while the girls played. We headed back down just in time to see Jim carrying the second calf to the pen from the chute where they had put the cow to do her calving.

We're wondering what the entertainment will be for the next birthday party.


Elizabeth said...

Wow, looks like you made a good call! I don't think I'd want to see a cow born! And congratulations on finishing up your finals!! I bet ou got all A's!!

yellojkt said...

In kindergarten we got all competitive where each kid had to have a better party than the last one.

It got bizarre.