Wednesday, February 02, 2005

One Hundred Percent Miscellaneous

Julianna clipped a tag off a throw rug we got for Delia's room and in doing so noticed that the content read, "100% Miscellaneous." Isn't everything, really?

Long days of housework avoidance, responsibility shirkage, inessential errand-running, etc. I find myself doing the oddest things. Today I rinsed and stored an aquarium's worth of gravel from the old tank downstairs which thankfully Julianna broke when dismantling. If we still had it we would be forced to store it ad infinitum, then one of us (fifty/fifty really who it would be) would have this brilliant idea to fire it up and have two fishtanks, twice the fishy pleasure and also twice the responsibility. Funny how that never comes up in all the excited planning stages. Poor Lumpy can tell you what it's like to live in a sad, neglected algae-riddled tank in the basement...

Looking forward to Friday when we can once again put a massive stack of recycling out to the curb to be hauled away by the Garbage Fairies (a big, burly, aromatic type of fairy known for its early morning schedule and tendency toward a beer gut). Still plugging away at the crap nobody knows what to do with. I am determined to tackle the last kitchen box tomorrow, also some boxes of stuff left hanging around in the family room. Poor homeless things. This is not even to mention the umpteen boxes piled in a corner of the living room marked either "Craft Etc" or "Deb's Workbench." They are stuffed with God only knows what... most of which I just must offload. It is starting to feel kind of good to get rid of stuff, streamline, simplify. Tedious, but satisfying, thereby meeting two of my most important criteria: Can I spend hours deliberating over whether To Keep, or To Throw Away? And can I feel all giddy with relief once it's over?

The unfortunate part is that Julianna insists that she be consulted concerning the disposal of many items which are piling up all over waiting for her royal audience. There's not a lot of time after work/baby bedtime what with all that other vitally important stuff we do, i.e. make brownies and talk on the phone (me) and researching via Internet every last nuance of vinyl siding (Julianna). Also unfortunate but super charming is that the baby demands to be fed, cleaned, and entertained on a regular basis, and when napping requires a type of silence heretofore unknown outside of monasteries and the Harvard Law Library. Nonetheless, I do get a few things done. Today was ironing day (ridiculous, to be sure, but tedious and satisfying per previously stated requirements) plus the aforementioned gravel-maintenance.

Argh, must run. House is so very quiet, free of the squeaky floors of the old house, that Julianna has walked past this room several times and I have thought she was still outside with the dogs... To bed! So... tired...

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