Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Delia has two Mommies!

Legally speaking, anyway! The adoption was final on Monday the 7th. We should get her amended birth certificate in the mail tomorrow. :)

Beany assists me this evening by laying on my right forearm and purring. Earlier he assisted me in putting the baby to bed for a nap by coming into her room and sitting on the footrest next to the chair I was sitting in as I nursed her. He purred and purred, and reached out to touch my arm or my knee with his paw (and once, near-disastrously, her head, with claws extended, but he only brushed her hair with his talons). She could not settle down with all this excitement but kept breaking free to flop backwards and gaze at him in wonderment. Finally I had to put her in the crib awake, which is actually not a bad thing, and while there was a bit of hollering, she dropped off pretty quickly.

So today's Domestic Update: Shannon came over and scrubbed our toilets with a pumice stone, neatly removing the rust/mineral buildup rings that marred their otherwise hygienic appearance quite severely. Kudos to Shannon! I could not stop her; she met me at the door with her baby in one arm and her little cleaning caddy in the other. She was quite pleased with herself when done (as anyone would have been, really).

I spent some time looking through boxes marked "Crafts Etc." which is code for "some craft supplies intermingled with a whole lotta crap." Actually managed to get some things separated out to get rid of, some for Julianna to peruse and decide about, and some to put away in my cabinet.

Amy's baby shower/our housewarming/Delia's adoption party will be Saturday Feb. 19th, so obviously we have a lot to do this weekend...


Cate said...

Congratulations! What a big day. Enjoy!

Grey said...

Hurray! How exciting! Comgratulations from both Graham and I!