Thursday, February 17, 2005


Julianna and I, and the rest of the neighborhood, woke to the sound of an explosion at 2:30 this morning. Turns out someone blew up a Hyundai at an apartment complex a few blocks away. I guess the force of the blast knocked doors off their hinges and cupboards right from the walls at the apartments. It shook our whole house pretty hard but nothing was broken. We very confusedly poked around the house looking out windows for a minute, then returned to bed. I heard sirens as we were dropping back off to sleep. We still had no idea what had happened.

To wake Julianna from a dead sleep, now you know that was a big boom. :)

This morning I kept hearing helicopters fly over so I thought maybe something was up, and then FBI and ATF officials were on the scene as of 7am as we watched the news, but I haven't heard anything else yet. I didn't watch the evening blather. Instead, I spent a glorious hour in the garage scraping litter boxes! Oh, joy of joys...

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