Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Glitch in the System

Naturally, the adoption decree has an error in it and must be amended. They put Delia's birthdate as April 12th, which is not correct. Ah well, it's probably an easy fix, and it doesn't change the fact that her adoption is final. It's not like they can take it away over a clerical error. I hope.

Not much to report today in this, The Most Boringly Domestic Blog In The Whole World. (Or is that The Most Domestically Boring Blog? Hm.) We spent the morning getting the bedroom finished up mostly, then the office, then went over to Shannon's for pizza and video games with Tommy, and now we are loafing. Big exciting day!

Though there really is some good stuff to report: Delia is not only crawling like a pro, and starting to rove about just for the sake of exploration, she also can pull herself up with thrilling regularity! I witnessed it myself today several times; she grabs onto the couch with both grippy little hands (and sometimes her teeth as well) and whoop! There she is! Standing up! And groping wildly for the remote, the newspaper, the cat, whatever might be up there. It's a sight to see, I'll tell ya.

She started the crawling thing in earnest one day recently when I sat down on the sofa across from her while eating a piece of toasted homemade bread (a Julianna speciality). She was off like a shot, shimmied right over to me and made a play for my toast. What could I do but share?!

Other than that, my big thrill of the day was going to pick up J's prescription, then to the local Linens 'N Things 'N Crap 'N Stuff for some (gasp!) curtain rods, a butter dish, and some cake pans. Whoa, this is living the high life eh? Tomorrow we can expect more of the same, that is, hanging the aforementioned curtain rods, putting away more junk, etc.

Julianna is itching to get the garage put together too in order that she might use the new toys I got her for Valentine's Day (given early in accordance with tradition; we both blow our surprises to one another with seething regularity every Christmas and birthday). I went on down to Harbor Freight, the local purveyor of "Made in China" power tools for the un-snobby, frugally-minded crowd, i.e. tightwads, i.e. Julianna (ha ha just kidding, she's frugal but definitely not a tightwad, witness the Mazda out in the driveway she bought for me brand new for my birthday three years ago). Anyway she had pointed out a couple of things in their store circular that came with the paper a while ago and I kept it... packed it around in secret for nearly two weeks... mwahahaha! So Friday I raced out there and picked up a rock tumbler and a benchtop-mount drill press. Neither one the "Joe Professional Gold Plated Made by Norwegian Elves" model, but modestly priced hobbyist stuff as befits Julianna. I figure, if she wears these out, we can upgrade...

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