Tuesday, September 14, 2004

New Shoon

I think it was Dickinson who wrote a poem about "brown shoon"...

Got new running shoes yesterday. I am committed now; those suckers cost a hundred and ten bucks. I told the fellow I would be walking and using an elliptical trainer and after he looked at my poor, sad feet, he set me up in this pair of Asics running shoes because they had excellent support. I went to a real running shoe store (Pace Setter Athletic) and not the mall. My feet are a little too far gone to entrust them to some pimply faced teen in a striped jersey and a name tag.

Mom came and watched FI whilst we went out to dinner the other night. We tried to go to our favorite Vietnamese beef noodle soup restaurant but it was closed for remodel -- why?! why?! why?! It's not been open that long and the interior was gorgeous as it was! So we ended up having strip mall Chinese, not so great but we bolted it fast and then rushed off to the fabric store to buy yet more fabric for BH's quilt obsession, and then to the craft store for an extravagantly expensive (but fifty percent off) rolling doo-dad that stores scrapbooking paper and supplies, for my paper goods obsession. It telescopes... and has wheels and a handle like a suitcase... portability being such the important commodity in scrapbooking, evidently. Actually I may do some traveling with my goods, over to Monica's sometime. So as romantic dates went it was probably not in the top ten, but we had fun and it was nice to get out on our own. We need to do that more often.

Had a phone interview with a temperament advisor at our HMO concerning little BH and her refusal to nap or sleep on her own. More on that later. The little grub is stirring and murping as we speak.

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