Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mom, there's some stuff you should have known

Courtesy of Vonnie (I'll get you for this!) :)

Uh, Mom? Please never read this.

1. Remember when you dropped me off at a friend's house for a party? I had a bag of record albums, she lived a couple of blocks away, I directed you to a house with lights on and an open garage door? Yeah, I didn't know whose house it was, the girl was real but she lived somewhere else and wasn't having a party, and really what happened was that I slipped away after you'd driven off (mental note: always wait until the kid goes into the house before driving off). I went over and caught a bus to the mall and met a boy there who I didn't want anyone to know about because I already had a steady boyfriend. Eventually you found out about him because I told you, but I never did tell you about that first time I met up with him. Who knew I could be so devious! I'm boggling about it, this many years later.

(I'd met him at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We dated off and on for a couple of years. He was a country boy with a car and permissive parents and oozed good natured bad boy charm, and I don't really regret any of it. :) Obviously this was before I came out.)

2. I can't really think of anything else because I was a Good Kid and there wasn't much else I did that you didn't already know about, like senior skip day, where you thought it was funny wrote me an excuse the next day, or that you didn't already find out about, i.e. various tattoos.

In your face, bad girls! My conscience is clean! I tag... Mel and Elizabeth.

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yellojkt said...

I only skipped school once and ended up getting caught. Oh well.