Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Misery, misery

Is what nursing school is to me...

Actually, it's going pretty well, I'm just tired of having this broken finger, and now just in case I wasn't sufficiently burdened with school, work, home etc., I also have a rotten cold. I started getting sick last Thursday -- even to the point that I got sent home early from clinicals whic Just Does Not Happen -- and spent all weekend languishing at home feeling crappy. Took the weekend off from work and all that, to no avail. The snotty nose and sneezing and watery eyes started yesterday. If it weren't for Alka Seltzer Sinus Formula cold menu I don't know how I would have managed today. I have clinicals tomorrow and I'm hoping he'll let me hang around in the learning lab and stay the hell away from the fragile old folks who just don't need my cold.

As it was, I had to take the usual module tests this week (scores of 88, 90 and 85) and IV skills checkoff was today also. It's not due for a while yet but we've found that it's not wise to wait until the last minute. The lab gets all choked up with students and the wait times are unreal.

Aside from that all is about how you'd expect -- house an utter sty, friends neglected, etc. I did manage to wash the cars (exteriors only, alas) the other day when the weather was nice.

Delia is in the final stages of potty training -- she's been waking up dry! So tonight for the first time ever, she's going to bed with NO PULL-UP! I thought I'd give her the option, and she is going for it! If she pulls this off, she gets a present! And we'll save another fifteen bucks a month that we won't have to spend on pull-ups! Yay us!

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