Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Checking in

Okay, so I haven't blogged in ages. Partly this is because of my stupid broken finger, which I have gotten used to enough to type reasonably well. Also I have been quite busy. It turns out that nursing school is like a one way trip down an elevator shaft straight into hell. Yay hell!

We have two or three module tests per week, plus assignments, and skill checkoffs, and blah blah blah. It's crazy nuts. But my module tests are going well -- mostly 85's and up, with a couple of 75's (still passing!).

Then there's also involvement in the Euphemism College Student Nurse Club, which we are told is very impressive in one's portfolio, so I've become Assistant Flyers/Communication Officer, and attended a dinner about clinical trials put on by the Lymphoma Society, as well as the weekly ECSNC meetings. (Once the Army showed us a very compelling video and fed us pizza and plied us with pens and lanyards and so forth.)

In a couple of weeks we start training for the Medical Reserve Corps, which is one of those prepared-citizen-do-gooders groups that they mobilize during emergencies. They puffy heart having nurses and even lowly nursing students in these things, because odds are we might not actually harm anyone in administering first aid. In exchange for our involvement we get an extremely unattractive royal blue tshirts and baseball hats emblazoned with "Total Dork."

Last night I signed on to World of Warcrack, against all better judgement what with the homework load I have, and got sucked into Kara (an instance -- you non WoW players won't understand any of this) and despite the fact that I'm a total casual player still wearing a couple of greens and have only entered Kara a couple of times and totally on the coattails of other, better, more deserving players, I still received this fabulous bow when we downed one of the bosses. I am not worthy!

Not much else to tell. Delia is doing great, full of piss and vinegar as always, and sporting a curly little hairdo after her first ever haircut a couple of weeks ago.


J.Po said...

Good to hear that things are going well in the Western Kingdom...haven't been out visiting for a while! Love the photo.

Impetua said...

It's good to see you, oh wise and mighty king. :)

J.Po said...

sorry have been incommunicado. In spite of what Mel Brooks thinks, sometimes it's NOT good to be King!

Jeff said...

My son is into WoW big time, so I'll have to ask him what you meant by that. I guess he's some kind of bigshot out there with tons of street cred... or screen cred or whatever it is.