Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What is it with the lights?

I'm putting the lights on the tree.

How is it that I put the perfectly-functioning lights away in January, all carefully coiled and in a protective box, where they remain untouched all year, and in December there is always at least one string that doesn't work? And where do all the extra tiny bulbs go? And why don't they fit, and why are they so hard to pull out?

This year I'm buying some LED lights if I can find them on clearance the day after Christmas.

I'm about two minutes away from being done with the lights but I'm weary of the scratchy needles on my arms and the lights that are burned out and the fact that I'm doing this by myself as always.


VenerableGamer said...

My theory is that Xmas lights are made from a self-digesting plastic compound. Give them a few months and they will disolve their electrical connections without any external help. I bought some of the LED lights this year too. They stay nice and cool. Maybe they won't destroy themselves so quickly. The tiny amount of current they use makes it easier to justify having more of them.

Hmmm... maybe it's time to put back together the lighted Ren & Stimpy shrine.

NuCURPs said...

We got the lights on several nights ago and...still waiting for a chance to hang a few ornaments. Maybe we never will. If our kid ever sleeps, we might.

Ah well. Just remember to wash wash wash thoroughly (more practice for nursing school) after handling Xmas lights, and keep children away from them, since the wiring is a major source of lead.