Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Photos at last

Ok, so I haven't scanned the Santa picture, but I did retrieve a few things from the camera just now.

Here is my brother with his new Unimog (a 1963 Swiss 404, I'm told). I wanted a shot of the front end of it but the camera batteries had only one shot in them.

Here's a shot of the kids' table at Thanksgiving. Delia is the one in pink (on the left) scarfing jello.

Here's a shot of part of the mantel, taken in low light with no flash so it's kind of interesting.

The small framed photos are the ones we sent out in our Christmas cards in 2004 and 2005. I need to get a frame for last year's and put it up there too. The first year she was only about 6 months old and got freaked out sitting on the chair with no one holding onto her (I was just off camera ready to pounce if she tipped) so she wouldn't smile. We will take this year's as soon as the tree is up and decorated, so around next Tuesday or Wednesday probably.

More photos soon, I swear it!


Jeff said...

So how many gallons to the mile does your brother's truck get?

Love the kids' table. Our extended family is in the "no little kids" zone right now but there should be grandkids aplenty in about 5-10 years. Between my brother and sister and I we have 6 kids who are heading toward adulthood.

Impetua said...

Not sure about the mileage, but they drove it from South Dakota to Nebraska (en route to Oregon) and said that top speed, going downhill with a tailwind etc., was 54 mph.

Luckily they have a friend in Nebraska who had a big truck with a flatbed trailer that he was going to drive to Oregon anyway to get a load of Christmas trees, so they put the 'mog on the trailer and hauled it back. The friend then flew out instead of having to drive. Which is good, or else we'd still be waiting for them to get here.

VenerableGamer said...

Cool Truck! It will go perfectly with the property listed below. It would make the perfect extended family compound and perhaps a post apocalypse theme park.

Impetua Secret Underground Lair!

KJW said...

VERY jealous about the Unimog. (Except for the free movie, of course.)

However, I'm really impressed by that gorgeous mantel shot! Thanks for sharing that one.