Friday, December 21, 2007

The Long-Awaited Santa Photo, plus Bonus Redneck Xmas Pic!!

Without further ado may I present to you, my beloved and long-suffering internets:

Delia on Santa's lap! She's not dressed in Holiday Finery (tm) because this was totally impromptu, but that smile is genuine. She had just told him all about her Christmas list and without too much coaxing permitted a photo op for her adoring fans. Ah, how she loves the paparazzi! And how the camera loves her!

And since I had the scanner all limbered up and ready, I went ahead and captured the seasonal greetings of that elusive species, The Common Redneck.
Note the RV Wear (tm) holiday-themed sweater plumage of the female, the western-style shirt adorning the male, and of course the male's majestic Santa Hat crest, seen only in the month of December. They stand proudly before their oversized vehicle, used for migration toward the nesting sites of only the female, as this is a matriarchal species in which the male's lineage is jettisoned once the couple has bonded. Theoretically this species mates for life, although this often proves difficult for the male. Note the exhibition of the fifth-wheel trailer's pushouts, as well as the dual rear-wheels needed on the truck to haul this behemoth down the road. Happy trails, Common Rednecks! See you in a few years! Maybe!


VenerableGamer said...

Wow! That is a great Christmas picture with Delia on Santa’s lap. She looks happy and excited, exactly the way Christmas is supposed to be. Thanks for sharing the picture! I hope your household has a great holiday.

As for the RV (Redneck Vehicle) travelers, perhaps their distant migratory route is a blessing. Would you really want this parking outside your house for weeks at a time? Best to let them go off and burn their copious fossil fuels elsewhere.

Elizabeth said...

Geeze your little one is so freaking cute!1 She couldn't be cuter if she tried!! And she is one tall drink of water!
Ah my, I don't know what to say about that Christmas card of your father's. Yikes!