Monday, June 26, 2006

Photogenic, after the screaming stops

Took the small one to the local kiddie photo place for some commemorative 2-year-old photos.

You would think we were trying to get her to eat bugs from the way she hollered and carried on, at first anyway. By the time we were done, you know, long after we had taken all the photos, she was playing and goofing off as if she did this kind of thing every day.

At any rate, the woman taking the pictures was worth her weight in gold. She got smiles outta my kid that we've never seen in the wild.

These images are in their raw form, so they haven't been cropped and centered and all that. You can see a stuffed toy on the far left of one of them, and the close-up was cropped to exclude her hand which looks almost like it has an extra finger and is all grippy and tense compared to her smiling little mug. You can see her little hair-fweeps above her ears, where she has grown these little foofy curly things that are much longer than the rest of her hair but we aren't ready to cut her hair yet so there they stay.

She's pretty cute, if I may say so myself.


Liz said...

Pictures are printed and posted in my cubicle for all to oooh and ahh over!! Everyone in my office thinks she is absolutely adorable!! She is really beautiful!!

Impetua said...

I'll put some in the mail to you!

J.Po said...

OMG, those are great photos. To modify somewhat what we say about Daughter #2, "Delia loves the camera, and the camera loves Delia"...

I think we might someday find one of these photos next to the definition of "impish smile."

Speaking of daughter #2, she is at present in the Pacific Northwest, on tour with her choir through Eugene, Seattle, Vancouver, Bellingham, and probably a couple of places I've forgotten. Be forewarned!

P.S. Still working on your acronym... :)