Thursday, June 22, 2006

Garage Sale

Tomorrow is the big sale. I am so hoping that people flock to us from all around, extolling the vast superiority of our wares in comparison to those charlatans and ne'er-do-wells having sales in our immediate vicinity. As long as I'm at it, I should hope also that they will shower us in currency while washing our cars and mowing our lawn. As it is, reality probably dictates that we will sell some of our crap and the rest will be unceremoniously dumped at the nearest non-profit charitable organization.

I am trying to fob off some elderly computer games: Dark Age of Camelot, Baldur's Gate, that sort of thing. Please, somebody, buy this crap so I can hold my head up high... Otherwise I have to donate them to charity and hope that some hopelessly out-of-date computer nerd happens upon them. Though it does give me a warm fuzzy feeling to think that my cast-off pc games might bring joy to some geeky recluse. I also have some sports games for the pc like Tiger Woods Golfing something-or-other and Madden (football? Like I would know) and Superbike racing. So perhaps a hopelessly out-of-date sports nerd will benefit as well.

My Mom is coming all the way from where she lives, one hour away, to peddle her junk also. Her husband (Mr. Wonderful, and I really do mean that) won't let her have a sale at their house because a) there is a scarcity of parking, and b) he's afraid someone might be casing the joint while shopping for bargains. He does have a point, but we can't help but take this opportunity to mock him for his extreme hoarding tendencies. He has much stuff. He also will have a full-on woodworking and metalworking and machine shop once he's put it all together. He's really putting it together, too, it's not just wishful thinking at Home Depot or anything like that; he has very fine equipment, not stuff for the mass consumer. So, we josh him but he's probably better off being cautious. Plus, if his tools get ripped off who will fix things at Chez Swamp?

Back to the salt mines... I will be dreaming about Sharpie markers and little fluorescent price dots tonight... if I ever sleep...

Update: it's 1am and I'm still up. I stopped pricing things at around 10pm but then got sucked in to a tv show and then decided to clean the kitchen. What's wrong with me?!

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Liz said...

Wow, sounds like your feeling better, those drugs must be working!!
About the video games, you know I'm married to a geeky recluse, but I think GrahamSolo already has them! Did you know we're buying a new computer? We're even going to get internet at our house!! No more candle making for us!
Good Luck at the garage sale!!