Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I should clarify that the rampant nudity in question involves the baby, to clear up her rash. Much as I might enjoy taking a few hits off the cough syrup bottle and frolicking through the back yard au naturel, alas, all they told me was to drink more liquids, get plenty of sleep, etc.

We let the little tyke go commando in the back yard this evening and she was quite cheeky about it, in every sense of the word. What's really funny is that to get her to put clothes on, which is normally a bit of a struggle, all you have to do is say, "Hey Delia, let's go put some paste on your rash." She then follows you to the couch repeating, "Paste on my wash!" (because her R's aren't fully on board yet) and Assumes The Position. "Let me try!" she says, while trying to stick her finger in the little bottle of Special Diaper Cream issued forth by our HMO.

Another new phrase is, "My turn! My turn!" Where does she get this? We rarely run around the house saying, "My turn, my turn."

In other news, spent the afternoon feeling pretty punky to the point that J. came come to find us on the couch taking in an episode of Spongebob. It was actually my favorite episode, in which SB and his pal Patrick take their neighbor Squidward out jellyfishing. I have seen maybe six episodes all told but this one I've seen three times and it just keeps getting funnier. Anyway am about to toddle off for my last dose of happy syrup for the day and hit the sheets.

We also got the first season of NCIS from Netflix (I cannot say enough good things about NF) and watched the first episode this evening after Little Miss Pasty Wash went to bed. I can't explain why I love this show as much as I do, but I just do. Mark Harmon: totally hunky. And I'm a lesbian. And he's old -- er -- old enough to be my much older brother. Can't explain it. Actually I think it's more to do with a fun ensemble cast than anything else. I just like Mark Harmon in general, but not so much in the biblical sense.

Okay, enough personal revelation. Off to sleep.

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