Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm just down to the one lung

Made a doctor's appointment today, one for me and one for Delia actually. The one for me is because it's been a week and I'm still coughing up a lung and feel crappy. I plan to lie like mad when they ask if I've been resting and getting lots of clear liquids.

The appointment for Delia is for a funky little rash on her... uh... "parts." That's actually what she calls her personal regions: parts. Her bottom is called cheeks although if you ask her where her bottom is she points to the appropriate area.

In other news: house still somewhat torn up from the Great Colossally Mis-Timed Office Remodeling Project. Getting slowly better though. Which is good because this weekend is the garage sale and then the weekend after we are having a party to kick off my return to academia. So I have my list of stuff to do (a sampling: vacuum house, oil change in the Family Truckster, water indoor plants, hang outdoor plants -- could my life be more boring?) and what am I doing? Blogging, of course.

When the office is done I'll post a photo or two just for the benefit of closure, but you aren't required to look at it or make supportive comments unless the spirit moves you. I'm just happy to put an end to the dump-and-run era.

The Prodigal Daughter just brought me the dental floss which she calls sting and after being given a short length of it, playing with it, and abandoning it, has removed one sock and possibly her pajama pants and sprinted out of the office, presumably to harrass the cat and/or dog. I'm fairly certain this is good practice for some future endeavor but I'm not sure what. Exotic dancing? Animal husbandry?

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