Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Whole Different Animal

So I went for a ride on my shiny new bicycle last night. The local bicycle club has a women's beginner ride. I'm not so much a beginner as terribly out of shape, so the length and average speed of the ride are suitable for me. I am about to outgrow it, but they do have longer beginner paced rides that I can try out.

The new bike is so different. I still huffed and puffed up the (albeit, sadly, minor) hills a bit, because of the aforementioned out-of-shapeness, but whoa nelly! It was not nearly so bad as on the trusty mountain bike. By the end I'd ridden a little over 13 miles and didn't feel as trashed as I generally used to on the mt. bike. In fact I felt fine. Little sore in the seatbones but it's a new seat to get used to. I did get a nicer one than the stock saddle as it looked very uncomfy.

The new bike came with pedals with rat traps, but I'm sure eventually I'll want the fancy shoes and all that crap. I'm used to the rat traps so I'll spend some time getting used to the bike before I make any other changes.


Elizabeth said...

Your new bike sounds so cool! I'm glad you are having fun with it! You should check out this blog:
she's based here in Juneau and writes about riding her bike. She's not a racer, just likes to get out there and ride. She has great pictures too!

yellojkt said...

Thirteen miles is a good ride. I've been too lazy lately. Maybe you have inspired me.