Thursday, August 02, 2007

Entry Level Cyclist

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the newest resident of our garage, a spunky lil' character I like to call "The One I Could (Almost) Afford."

Today I got a Trek 1000 "Discovery Edition" which was the only color available in my size. I wanted the orange model but they were sold out. Nevertheless, it is a fine ride for an entry level cyclist such as myself. I researched a bit online and found good reviews for it as a nice, respectable, versatile bike and a good value. Then I found that a local bike shop was having its summer sale the very next day. How's that for kismet? I did change out the seat for a cushier, gel-padded made-for-the-female-anatomy one. My rump and I have an understanding. I make things as comfortable as I can for it, and it returns the favor.

And we all know that it's not really the rump that we are talking about. But that's all the detail anybody needs to know on this matter.

And now, having not even ridden the thing, I must put it in the garage and clean the house. I'll be gone all weekend to some Renaissance Faire up in Washington with my cousin. I won't get a chance to put any miles on it until Tuesday most likely. :(

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yellojkt said...

I used to have a Trek. Nice bikes. That Summit to Shore sounds fun. 40 mph sounds a little fast for me. I'd be riding the brakes.