Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I didn't collect the mail for a week or so... Just lazy, wasn't expecting anything good, etc. Sometimes I get a kind of weird pathological avoidance issue about the mailbox, whereas other times I am fanatical about collecting it every day. It's a locking box so I don't worry too much about security.

So today there was a note on the door, "Please collect your mail!" because the box was full. I extracted the armload of mail, sifted through the catalogs, junk mail, etc and found a few items of interest. A birthday card from my friend Elizabeth, who is currently in England, a whopping good fat check from the escrow account of the old mortgage (which J. must check on whether must be sent to the new mortgage company, boo), my updated CNA certificate, etc. Odds and ends.

But ho!

What's this big manila envelope addressed to me?

"Congratulations! As Director of Nursing at Euphemism College, it is my sincere pleasure to inform you of your selection into the Nursing Program beginning winter 2008."


Last I heard I had not made the cut in April and so was waiting ever so patiently for the October evaluation... and would be attending in either April or September of next year. Someone must have declined, most people apply at several places and then choose the one they want most. And I was high enough on the list to make it in.



yellojkt said...

Congratulations! Great news!

Elizabeth said...

OMG is right!! Hooray!! I'm so happy for you! I love getting good news in the mail!! Congratulations!!
:o) Elizabeth (in Alaska)

MarkW in PDX said...

Way To Go!!! They must have been trying to build up your interest by saying no the first time. That must be the way they do things at dear old Euphemism. You have to watch out for that.

My sister is an RN working up in Alaska. She just got a job offer for Southern Oregon and has accepted. We're all jazzed about that. Seems you can work just about anywhere you want once you get into the medical field.