Thursday, July 05, 2007

Gee My Foot Smells Terrific

It's hot today. Damn hot. Inferno hot. Tarzan couldn't take this heat.

Well, for here it's hot. Like in the 90's. Sweaty hot.

I chose today to run some errands because I am not all that smart. The small car does have air conditioning but it hasn't been recharged since we bought it new in 2001. It still works, but not all that fabulously -- I'd call it merely adequate. Yes, I do plan to have it recharged some time soon.

At any rate off I drove, in the hottest part of the day, to do a little banking, buy some yard & garden products at YardGardenHomeBuildingMegaloMartDepot, then hit the MembershipCo for coffee since it is right across the street from YGHBMMD. It seems ridiculous to buy just one item there when you can buy enormous quantities of anything you please, but it was the only thing I needed there and it's cheap and surprisingly good if you get the kind they roast on the premises. Then you must grind it yourself, either there on the supplied grinders, or at home if you're some kind of masochist, er I mean purist. We have a small home grinder but I find it annoying to deal with more than occasionally and am not that fussy. Probably owing to the fact that I don't really drink coffee unless it's embedded, by someone else, in a latte at a shop. All the little rituals involved in making, creaming, sugaring and drinking coffee in the home are lost on me.

At any rate I poured the beans into the grinder and started it up, only to be pinged on my 2-way cell radio feature thingy, and so I became one of those mindless yakkers who isn't paying attention to what they are doing. Don't we all just hate those people? I know I do. And so I didn't notice that the bag sort of collapsed and was therefore not really catching the grinder's output.

And that is how I came to have a left sandal filled with freshly ground coffee.


Elizabeth said...

I imagine someone, somewhere, is charging immense amounts of money to provide people with the same experience, as the newest foot-care technology. I mean, if they can get away with chocolate facials in Hershey PA, or wine massages in Italy ("vinotherapie"), then why not coffee foot scrubs from the Pacific Northwest?

Impetua said...

Well, the gritty grounds would certainly exfoliate, and perhaps the caffeine would make its way into the foot via pores, or osmosis, or something, and invigorate the tissues? It bears investigation, in my humble opinion. And where better to do it than here, the specialty coffee drinks capital of the world?

yellojkt said...

You should brew up some of it. Foot flavored coffee sounds delicious. MMMMmmmmm.

Mel said...

Ew. Funny, but ew! I don't like ANY KIND OF ANYTHING on my foot. I woulda been doing the freaky shake the grounds outta my sandal dance!