Thursday, July 26, 2007

OMG! Why!

Once again my father has sent me a ridiculous message but at least this time it's not about religion. And I'm sad to say he's not the only one who sent it.

It's that same stupid Pearlas Sandborn one about how Bill Gates wants to share his fortune with you just for forwarding some email to all your friends. Eventually it is my hope that each and every computer user will learn that this email is designed merely to annoy everybody in your address book, but I fear that will never happen considering that it's been around in one form or another for around ten years. This exact letter has been submitted as far back as 2003; I think that 4 years of clogging up the internet is enough.

I'm tempted to label anybody who forwards it as, at best, naive, but there is something about the tender hope that simply by forwarding an email, one may not only possibly collect thousands of dollars oneself but also allow one's friends to do so also. It is a little bit touching. Possibly I say so because I hold the other person who sent it to me in such high regard.

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yellojkt said...

My dad sends me a lot of political stuff. Fortuantely he has toned it down. Good luck. Just ignore it.