Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One Down

One class completely finished, one to go. My mother (a finer woman never walked this earth) has offered to take young Princess Delia off my hands for an entire day, and even -- gasp! -- for the night on Saturday, leaving me to study my brains out without interruption. I plan to have the event catered... Although, we're not sure if we can bear to part with her for the night too. Plus she might yell a lot and you know, the 'rents aren't getting any younger, they need their beauty sleep. But, I think I'll send along the necessary accoutrement and see how it goes.

Then after a three week break or so, it's on to the next term! Anatomy and physiology, featuring real cadavers... or parts thereof. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet but seeing that I have little choice (i.e. none whatsoever) I guess I'll just figure it out as I go along. As I understand it, we don't dissect anything human, we just observe. Yeek. Still tough.

Watched "RV" tonight, with Robin Williams (I mean he was in it, he didn't stop by to watch it with us or anything). Although it was pure Hollywood hokum, it was fun and had us howling with laughter at times. Our threshhold is pretty low, given, but still. Good times.

Well, all this blogging is cutting into my WoW time in a big way. :)

Kute Kid Kwote of the Day (tm): Delia was goofing around and sort of hopping rearward and very excitedly paused to announce, "Look! Guys! I'm backing wards! I'm backing wards!"

Lately she's been saying, "I have to go!" But we're not sure where she thinks she has to go. Also, "My teeth is getting bigger and bigger." And, "I promise!"

She couldn't get any cuter. I hope we can all deal with it when the cuteness fades into surliness in the teen years. I miss her already...

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