Thursday, August 03, 2006

I Feel the Earth... Move... Under my bed...

Woke up at 1:38am this morning with the bed shaking madly. Thought it was a dream, nobody else woke up -- checked the TV, nothing in the news, back to sleep. Then my Mom asked me on the phone later: So did you feel the earthquake last night?

My second one, the first was in San Diego when I was 15 or so, same general scenario. I was the only one who woke up that time too. Evidently I am a light sleeper. When we had the infamous Spring Break Quake I was out of town; if memory serves, I was in Los Angeles, the earthquake capitol of the world...

Got a quiz back today, 24 out of 25. Not too damn bad!

Today I went to gas up the car and as we pulled away from the station, Delia leaned forward in her seat, craned her little neck, and waved to the nice gas station saying, "Thanks for the gasolines!"

She is an utter delight.

She had to spend the evening with Pastor Dave since I needed child care in a hurry in order to get to school, and she very obligingly ate a huge dinner, played long and hard, and settled right into bed without any fuss at all. She's either suffering from an attachment disorder or just very, very secure. It almost pains me a little how much she doesn't seem to get bent out of shape when I have to leave her with people, but then she did have a hard time staying at the gym the first few times, until it became familiar to her. Thus far she's only spent 1:1 time with people she is pretty well acquainted with, from church mostly or relatives. So I should be pretty happy that she's okay with me being away, that she knows I'll come back.

Must run, much to do...

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