Sunday, August 06, 2006

Little Bender

Threw a little shower for my fine and decent friends Karen and John. Knowing them as I do, I figured that the usual hateful shower games would be especially loathed by one and all, so we had an impromptu Interpretive Lego Sculpture Juried Exhibition, with first and second place decided by popular vote. The topic was, "What do you think Karen and John's baby will look like." If the winning entrants are at all suggestive of the actual outcome, the baby will either need a good plastic surgeon or an exorcism. Ha ha! Just kidding, Karen and John. We all know your baby will exit the womb not only super cute, but quoting Monty Python lines and playing a musical instrument, and doing both better than I can at the age of 38.

The plan is to name the baby after Bender Bending Rodriguez, unless of course they want to dash an old woman's hopes and settle for something boring like Zorak or Postlethwaite or something average like that.

Step 1: cast ye your Legos as ye may, on the floor for everyone to fondle. Note the rather robustly pregnant Karen, center stage.

Step 2: assemble your masterpiece from the Limited Edition Floor Sweepings Collection (featuring obscure shapes and colors, and four frozen Han Solo slab pieces leftover from the Star Wars kits)

Step 3: photograph finished works in front of cake for posterity

Step 4: distribute prizes
Step 5: allow your two-year-old to disassemble said works while you are distracted on phone

.... Okay, that last step is probably optional, but at least it was after the guests had all gone home.

A good time was had by all, and with a minimum of wrapping of toilet paper around any part of anyone else's anatomy (to my knowledge).

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Impetua said...

The link to "cute" is an inside joke referring to the other game we played, wherein each guest received several tiny clothespins. We then watched Karen open gifts and if anyone was caught saying the word "cute," they had to relinquish a clothespin to whoever caught them. The person with the most clothespins won a prize. The winner was a youngish (early teen, perhaps) girl who looked bashfully proud at besting the group, which was mainly composed of people over 30ish.