Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Egad, redux

Delia is super cute, but we already knew that. We call this "showoff arms," she does this and then races around in circles or some other show-offy behavior to elicit laughs from the peanut gallery. Note the trail of destruction through the house. I personally pick up each one of those myriad bits of plastic about forty times per day. As I am containing one pile, she gleefully runs over to some other bin of toys and up-ends it onto the rug. I understand we are doomed to repeat this until she goes away to college.

We leave on FRIDAY. Today is TUESDAY. Am I ready? God, no.

Today I will spend running errands such as purchasing a runner's hat (like a baseball cap only lighter and meshier and probably exponentially more expensive), an extra tube for the bike tire I'm sure to pop on the triathlon route, and some Gatorade. Also must make umpteenth trip to Homey's for chicken coop hardware. Julianna has been slaving away out there after work and on the weekend, building a really spiffy plywood Taj Mahal for the chicks which now look like miniature chickens and can flap their way out of the box we have been keeping them in. We still suspect that the frizzle is a rooster but it's still too soon to tell for us chicken-keeping noobs. He'll have to actually start crowing and then we'll still wait for him to do it a few times just to be sure.

Ordered some shorts from Mt. Borah and they sent men's instead of women's. They were swell about sending more out UPS 2nd day since I have an event, so be sure to visit them and heap effusive praise upon them as I am sure to do here shortly.

Kenny, our sidingwalla, has completed the siding. That's right, he has completed the siding. We can't believe it either. The patio roof is also complete, all the light fixtures are installed, and the doors are painted and touched-up. He has only to attach the downspouts, do a little touch-up in the eaves and bolster a bit of saggy siding in the gable. And clear all his crap out. Then you'd think he'd be done. Muwahahaha!!!

Funny story. Friend Jeff called (of The Jeffs) and told us how they'd replaced their sliding glass door with a set of French doors... um, but the condo rules state you can't do that, though not in so many words. So the HOA has agreed to replace the doors with a new slider for them. So this means there is a set of seven hundred dollar barely used French doors out there, just drifting aimlessly along, whistling a careless tune... Up for grabs... Yes, folks, just when you thought it was safe to go into the backyard, we're getting French doors!!! We had actually discussed getting some, but decided to do it later since we were already spending money we didn't have. What's another three hundred bucks?! You can't turn down free doors... So Kenny told us to give him a call when we have the doors, or he is perfectly happy to go pick them up for us (he'd do it for free, too, since he is just that kind of guy), and he and Bob will spend a weekend here putting them in and removing the other door. The existing backdoor faces west and heats up all afternoon such that you almost can't touch the doorknob from the outside by 4pm. He'll even fix the siding so you could never tell we removed the door. Included in the price. Wotta guy!

Well, must run. Off to the races. Baby should be up shortly and then it's zoom, zoom, zoom. At least it's not 90 today. Only supposed to be 80ish. Perfect!


Anonymous said...

Your baby is the cutest thing EVER! I just want to dip her in coffee and eat her up!

Anonymous said...

Your baby is the cutest thing EVER! I just want to dip her in coffee and eat her up! :0) Elizabeth