Friday, January 21, 2005

Tummy Aches

Last night Delia woke up at about 12:30am just screaming. I mean shrieking like she was on fire. I got up and picked her up but she didn't wake up and settle down at all, she just kept on screaming. I was really worried... She did nurse but then broke free and starting screaming again. Julianna got up at that point and we changed the baby's diaper and I kept holding her and rocking her. Finally she settled down and started tipping over on me so I laid her down and after some garden variety "I don't want to be in bed" hollering (less than five minutes probably) she went back to sleep.

She woke again at 2:40am, I went to her and picked her up and she didn't wake up really -- just tipped back over on me so I laid her down again.

Finally at 4:40am she woke, sounded just like usual, but didn't nurse with the gusto she normally has when she wakes up -- then broke free and started shrieking again. She kept turning away from me and yelling. Then I turned her back toward me (I was standing up holding her) and she vomited all down my shirt. :( She seemed to settle way down after that, so it's my guess that she has a little tummy ache. We have had a bug here this past week, first J and then me, it was quick to pass and not too severe but it made me feel tired and my stomach was sour and nasty and there were further digestive repercussions but only very briefly after which I felt nearly back to normal within a few short hours. Adding to the situation is that Delia didn't get much of a nap yesterday afternoon as we were at the new house. Today I think I'll be camping out here with her rather than haul her all over the place if she's feeling yucky. Poor baby!

Anyway after changing her and taking off her jammies which were a bit the worse for pukey wear, I took her in to Julianna to deal with while I showered. It's terribly cute, Delia was sort of groping tiredly after the cat, obviously exhausted, so J just tucked her in the bed in her arms and they both dozed off... J has been reluctant to sleep alone with the baby for fear of squashing her as she is a heavy sleeper. But now they are snoozing very peacefully...

I hate to even think about bothering them but the movers will be here in three hours and we have some things to do before they get here.

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Grey said...

Just finished reading all your blog! I loved it! You are such a good writer! I better run as Graham is chomping at the bit to get on the computer, I've been on it for about an hour and he's going through withdrawl!
Have a great day!