Sunday, January 16, 2005

Ice Is Nice

We had a teensy little ice storm yesterday. It freezing rained in the morning, started to melt, then re-froze and freezing rained the rest of the day so that this morning everything was covered in ice. As ice storms go it was pretty mild, though, not like the one I remember as a kid where there was an inch or more of ice on everything and trees fell and our power was out for five days straight. No, this was melted enough by 1:30 pm today for me to drive to the store where everyone was stocking up like mad, for the mild 40 degree weather we'll have the rest of the week... People are such morons sometimes. The news programs all had a schmuck on every corner reporting: "Yes, Bob, it's icy here." "And over here too, Bob." See now, if I did the news it would be more like this: "Bob, we have ice on everything and nobody's outside driving around except idiots and they are crashing into each other like nobody's damn business. And they all deserve to be in the ditch. So there. Stay home for one damn day and get over it. Over to you, Bob."

Baby has two new teeth -- upper ones right next to the front teeth -- and is on the verge of crawling. Today as I watched in amazement (and spotted her) she grabbed ahold of the rail on the end of the changing table and pulled herself up to standing! As I was yelling for Julianna to come see, Delia just looked over at me with the most gobstruck look -- gobstricken? -- and then got all excited. So we dropped the crib mattress to the lowest position as she is very tall. Then in the bath she was just a hoot, splashing and cheek-walking over to the drainplug and just having a hell of a good time. What an exceptional baby. :)

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