Saturday, January 01, 2005

Oh Thank You Thank You

Thank you, Oh Lordy, Thank you, for the following things:

Thank you that Shannon's baby Jocelyn Annmarie was born healthy if a bit smallish, and that both mother and baby are doing well. Thank you that Shannon even had time for an epidural which she says is the best thing ever, even though Josie was born a mere three hours after they got to the hospital. Six pounds even, and so inestimably tiny in comparison to the robust Delia... she feels like baby kittens feel when you pick them up, so light and fragile...

Thank you that Julianna's Mother never offered to come stay with us after the baby was born. She tried to "invite" herself over to Shannon's house for TWO WEEKS after Jocelyn was born -- without asking Shannon -- but was talked down and stayed only two days, which were only slightly hellish and are over now. I'm sure Shannon is thanking you also.

Thank you for a healthy baby who becomes more and more social and charming and masterful of her body and surroundings by the day.

Thank you that my biggest real bitch about motherhood right now is that her teeth are hurting me when we nurse.

Thank you that Julianna and I were in agreement that the very sweet and energetic Petey needed to return from whence he came. Life is much simpler with only two dogs who are somewhat mature and don't pee on the rug.

Thank you for pretty much everything.

And thank you for listening. That is all.

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