Saturday, March 29, 2008

Flatus = Hilarity

So the other day my better half informs me that she has discovered a new, hitherto unknown, phenomenon that occurs following the consumption of a certain quantity of ham. It is perhaps unsurprising that this discovery should come just after Easter, since for some reason it is traditional to celebrate the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ -- a person of the Jewish persuasion -- with an enormous pile of cured pork.

At any rate, I was enlightened as to this phenomenon, even unto its name: ham gas.

There is something about this phrase, ham gas, that makes me laugh a stupid, giddy, almost-can't-get-the-words-ham-gas-out laugh. Ham gas! Ham gas! HAM! GAS!

Why is this so damn funny!!

There is also that phenomenon, also apparent around this time of year, because it is in season and readily available and cheap: aspara-gas.

It therefore gave me extreme pleasure just last night to unveil my own new secret weapon, one that is scarce at our house because we don't have them very often: fish stick gas.

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