Monday, November 05, 2007

Sounds Not Good

A fellow bloggist posted about having sensitivity to certain sounds. This was in response to a post by another bloggist that he reads.

I don't have superpower hearing, or olfactory powers, but I am a very light sleeper. What wakes me up in the morning is not the CD playing in my little stereo -- it's the little whir-whir-whir sound of the CD when it starts to spin, just BEFORE the music starts.

Also, I'm starting to regret having a master bath because when my better half gets up to use the restroom in the early morning, she cannot remember to close the door until just AFTER flushing and the sound of it makes me just about hit the ceiling.

Close the door BEFORE you flush, dear. Like I do. Out of consideration for you and the baby, I pause and wait for the sound to die out before I slip out and pull the door closed behind me so that even the tank-filling sound is muffled.

Why can't we all be more like me?!

Also, I do not have a very sensitive sense of smell. I am thinking that this is the result of multiple sinus infections, one or two a year at least for most of my life. I am also thinking that this will only help to make me an excellent nurse.


Elizabeth said...

I sleep every night with ear plugs in and the fan running for white noise. Any little sound wakes me completly up! The sound of the toilet flushing would have me awake for the next hour!

Jeff said...

Good point on the bathroom thing. On another note, when my wife gets up in the middle of the night she leaves the bedroom door open and then turns on the bathroom light! It feels like prison search lights burning through my eyelids.

Why can't people be more like me indeed?!!!

yellojkt said...

My sense of smell is completely shot but that pretending not to smell a particularly foul bathroom break is rough.


VenerableGamer said...

How can you leave housepets off your list? I swear my cat saves all her grooming time for late at night. Not to mention the occasional snoring. The morning routine is no less pleasant. If you don't spring out of bed to freshen the kibble or let the beast out, there will be yowling at 5 minute intervals.