Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Got my registration email today. The first term you don't get to pick your schedule at all, they send you your email about it and you take it and be happy. After a few false starts I managed to get it all done online so now it's official: I am a nursing student. Or will be come January 7th.

Up next: I need shoes. They have officially veto'ed Crocs (even the Bistro model which I currently wear in brown) so I have to try to find shoes that fit similarly but have a traditional closed heel -- no strap.

Also, books. The booklist for first term is about 850 bucks plus another 90 or so for a tote of practice materials. Yikes.

And, I ordered my pda! My snappy lil' Palm TX should be here... eventually. The (very reputable) company I ordered it from said it was "IN STOCK" on the website, and on the thingy I printed out when I ordered it, but then afterward it sent me an email saying the item was an "advanced sale" item which means they first must get it from someplace else blah blah blah a bunch of crap I don't remember so the bottom line is it'll be shipped from them in 5 to 7 days from the date of order. So I guess I won't see it for a couple weeks. The price was dirt cheap, it came with a free infrared folding keyboard, and shipping was free, so I can't complain. And then once it comes I can get three of my reference books on pda software, thus eliminating the need to carry around -- shudder -- actual printed matter.

Actually I am a slavish fan of printed matter, but the opportunity to not have to carry around a bunch of stuff as a harried student appeals to me greatly. Once I get proficient with my Palm, I'll be able to just whip that baby out right on the spot and look all kinds of stuff up. And look super geeky and like a total student, but it's all good. I'll still not have to haul a bunch of heavy tomes. :)


VenerableGamer said...


First day of school is coming up fast for you! I know you will do just great. Hopefully those e-books will keep your back from getting clobbered. Those non-virtual text books must be made of super dense rare wood fiber and lead ink. Hmmm... for the prices they charge maybe the ink is gold, not lead.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, this is so exciting!! Are you nervous at all or just ready to get started??

Impetua said...

A little of both...

Jeff said...

Wow, so high tech these days.

Of course I wouldn't be able to read a text book on a Palm without bi-focals.

Impetua said...

Well, these are reference materials, not textbooks.

And, um, I've worn bifocals since I was ten.