Thursday, November 16, 2006

3 Things That Do Not Suck, or Not Much Anyway

This is my attempt at the "Three Beautiful Things" format. I had a look and decided I liked the idea but the thought of coming up with three beautiful things might be a little daunting, so I toned down the expectation a bit which I think makes it more suitable for me personally. :)

For yesterday:

1. Blustery afternoon with leaves and garbage can lids and smallish cats being blown all over the street. Delia was even a little freaked out when the wind gusted as we were getting into the car. I, however, weighing as I do a bit more than 30 pounds, found it all to be exciting and refreshing. (I just didn't know it was going to be this windy!)

2. Receiving a Mechanical Squirrel from fellow player Jay. It follows me around the game serving no practical purpose, but sniffs and peers around and cleans its face with its paws just the way regular squirrels do.

3. Passing fluency final in my psych class. No more flashcards!

For today:

1. Passing two tests and having a week and a half until the next ones.

2. Meeting an extremely fluffy black and white tuxedo cat in the street. Very affectionate and with curly belly fur (a variation on Saggy Belly Fur). He is a stray that Neighbors have adopted as an outdoor cat, as Mrs. Neighbor is allergic and can't have him in the house.

3. Watching through the window as Delia ran excitedly to the door, when I came to pick her up from the Neighbors' house after my tests.

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