Thursday, September 07, 2006

Our Pride(s) and Joy(s)

Ringo, our new kitten, is 100% All White Meat Kitten right now, full of beans and super scratchy-bitey-chasey-climby. He is also quite handsome, as these photos will attest:

I also caught Delia in a private moment recently. Enjoy!


yellojkt said...

Those are cute pictures. Blogs with kittens and babies are considered cliche, but people wouldn't post them if they weren't so cute.

Liz said...

Very very cute!!

Impetua said...

At least I'm posting them alongside actual blog ramblings and not just gratuitously. This kitten and baby actually live in my home!

Perhaps later I can post photos of my driveway, our garbage can, or the underside of some of the furniture, just to present some of the less cute aspects of our lives here. I mean, we want to be fair and balanced. :)