Friday, September 29, 2006

A Face Like A Cat's Ass

That's a line from a movie ("Victor Victoria" I think) and I only thought of it because this is the second time in two days that I have been forced to actually wipe the cat's ass after he's used the litterbox. WHY?!

Other than that, and the several jillion tiny cat-scratch scars I'm currently sporting, he's a fabulous kitten. But, again: one step closer to a moonlit trip to the pond in a burlap sack. This can't keep happening! I have a college education!

Speaking of which, bow down to me, O fearful reader(s). I have gotten perfect scores on all three tests so far in my self-paced tutor-assisted Psych 211 course. I rock!

So, while trying to obtain a photo of an actual cat's ass to link to for your amusement, I came across this and enjoyed it muchly. Hoping you do the same. :)


yellojkt said...

I can think of things worse to have your face compared to, but not many. That is a scary thought.

J.Po said...

Face like a cat's ass? I submit for your consideration: Kenny Rogers.

An ass like a cat's face wouldn't be all that charming, either, but at least it might be covered up most of the time.