Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Meaningless Drivel

So. It begins! (ominous fanfare) Should any of my faithless reader(s) take sick, it is advised that they do so outside of the Pacific Northwest.

Went to an Informational Meeting on Monday and was Informed that it would be necessary to submit admission paperwork the following day (which would be yesterday) in order to register Wednesday (which is today). Dutifully did as advised and then visited the advisor as also advised to receive advice. Have been admitted and advised. Sweet!

Then, having done everything I was told to do, also dutifully arose from my too-short post-work slumber (about three hours) to sit before this very machine and register at 4 o'clock in the morning, only to find that I was unable to log in. Gaaaah!

Okay, first of all, what kind of sadist sets the online registration to begin in the middle of the damn night when there are no operators standing by should you experience technical difficulties? I want names, people. I have some very tersely worded letters to write concerning this matter, and I mean terse, using words such as miffed, chagrined, inconvenienced, and even quite peeved.

I mean, I had gone to great pains. Great. Pains. I had written all my little numbers and codes on post-its so I could fill in the little online forms rapidly and with ease. I had left the machine running and even pre-lit the lamp so that I could see through my cobwebby sleep-deprived eyes. I had tested my wristwatch alarm to see if it still worked (it did not) so that if necessary I could use the clock radio and then painstakingly re-set it to J's wake time, to be sure to make this insane 4am registration time. I was so on top of my game, people! I was hypervigilant! Super efficient! I was like a normal person instead of myself!

Instead, I found that my login could not be completed because "(0014) critcal data missing -- contact Registration." So not only was I unable to login, the message telling me so contained a typo! Oh the humanity! I left several logy, unintelligible messages with various departments informing them of my dilemma and returned to bed, steaming mad and completely at the mercy of whatever featureless, heartless trolls might be manning the phones at the Admissions, Registration and Advising departments.

I am happy to say that despite my blackness of heart and utter lack of faith, all has ended fairly well. Every single one of those departments returned my calls well before their published hours of operation and I was registered for one of the classes and first on the waitlist of the other by 10am. So, the summer won't be wasted after all (you know, on things like having fun and relaxing) and with luck I'll have Nutrition and Microbiology behind me by the end of August.

My hat is off to you, small local college offering state-of-the-art nursing program facilities and personalized service the likes of which this jaded big state university alumna has never experienced before. And the parking is free!!!!

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