Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Can't Run, But I Can Walk Much Faster Than This...

Alert the media! Went "running" again today. This makes three times in one week! Well, in eight days. Am supposed to be doing this 3x/wk but it's been rainy and the jogging stroller isn't one of those swanky ones with a canopy. It's a hand-me-down, and borrowed to boot, and therefore perfect in every way, i.e. we didn't have to pay for it, so believe me I ain't complainin'. Delia now realizes when I'm gone and gets all teary and whiny so I'm not that inclined to ask Shannon to watch her.

In my self-conscious fat-ass wobbly runner state of mind I'm still hiking to the park and running only within the blissfully concealing confines of the woods, but I have decided that soon enough I have to get over this as I'll be running in front of, and indeed with, thousands of others in the triathlon, so beginning with the sixth workout I'll start with the brisk 5 min. warmup walk and then run the rest of the way to the park. Then run the rest of the workout within the park, and walk home. This way I'll only go around the park loop once, and save some time with all that walking to/from, which takes about 15 min. each way. Anybody wishing to ridicule me for jiggling my way down the road can kiss my shiney metal ass. Chances are good anyone not thinking strictly sympathetic or encouraging thoughts about the fact that I'm out there doing it is probably a big time jerk anyway and doesn't deserve a second of my precious ass-wobbling time.

In other news... Delia is still adorable, in an impish red-headed extremely busy kind of way. She's learning how to express herself via kicking when picked up and removed from objects she would rather continue exploring, i.e. broken glass, toilets, the litterbox, etc. She's extremely tall... and did I mention adorable? She's also adorable too. As well. And cute.

The siding is nearly complete! I know, you're thinking, "That can't be, it hasn't been six months and cost three times as much as estimated." Well, while it has run a bit over the initial best-case-scenario type wishful-homeowner-thinking time frame, it will still come in on budget. Except the added expense of the patio roof, which will be done soon also. Well, "soon" is a relative term. But we did find the nicest, most honest and non-gouging siding contractor ever, so it's been a positive experience overall. And it looks good too! We even have a swanky new lighted doorbell button and he's put one of the equally swanky new outdoor light fixtures up just so we could see it. He's that kind of guy. He's starting tomorrow on the faux cedar shake product which will go in the gables. I think it looks pretty convincing considering that no cedar shakes were harmed in the making of this siding, aside from the ones they used to make the mold I suppose.

J is doing well, not much to report as she asks that I do not include personal type news in my blog. So I won't mention anything about any bad habits she may or may not be attempting to eradicate, pharmaceuticals she may or may not be consuming with regards to same, or mild attention deficit problems that she may or may not have which the non-aforementioned pharmaceuticals may or may not also be helping with. :)

My wonderful cousin Heidi is coming tomorrow to spend a few days with us, bringing along either both of her daughters or both of her daughters plus her husband also. It'll be a surprise! Guess I'd better get out to the garage and look for that air mattress. We don't have the basement that sleeps six like we used to. Anyway we will spend our halcyon days goofing off going to Portland on the Max (commuter train) and harrassing J on her lunch break. And shopping probably. And eating things that strictly speaking I should not be eating. Because my ass is big enough.

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