Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Delia update

So she's getting her top front teeth.

May I just say: Ow. Ow, ow, ow.

Those fangs come out pretty sharp, and she gnawed some itty-bitty holes in me. My sister-in-law was very helpful regarding some advice, and now things are tolerable once again, but whoa! Talk about painful.

She sits in the bath now and splashes around which is really fun to watch. Previously she hated the bath, I think it scared her, but didn't mind showering with us.

She recently had her first snotty little head cold, which is nearly gone. Gave her a teensy bit of baby Tylenol the first day that she seemed uncomfortable, what with teething AND snottiness, but other than that have had to do nothing special for her other than extra loves. Not bad for seven months: one clogged tear duct which corrected itself, four teeth which didn't seem too painful coming in, and one very minor snotty head cold. Oh, er, and that tumble off the bed when we were too stupid to realize that flipping over even once means you can't leave them on the bed anymore. *sigh*... there goes Mother of the Year...

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