Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Zero to sixty

We have realtors coming for interviews the next two evenings... and then my long-estranged Aunt Lea is coming for dinner the next night along with her husband, my Mom and stepdad, and Grandpa. Nothing like taking a running jump eh?

So am taking five min or so from cleaning basement. Really just organizing but what a dump this place is... Crap everywhere, cat vomit all over the place (note to self: cat must go to vet asap), dust, laundry, piles of junk we don't know what to do with. It's obscene.

At least the upstairs isn't too horrible. We have been working on it in a general way lately.

Getting our Christmas tree this weekend. Bit earlyish for us but we may have to take it down very soon after the holiday instead of keeping it up past New Year so I feel justified. Or at least can rationalize. :) We usually walk a block to the parking lot of Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church and buy one from the Men's Club or whatever -- they sell them there -- very fresh, lovely trees, for a decent price, and no tromping around in the rain/mud and having to saw it down yourself and get pitch all over your coat and then drag it to the car and it's heavier than it looked and have they always been this heavy? I don't remember them being this heavy. I think they are heavier now. They grow 'em heavy so you think you're getting a good deal.

At least we have the cool swivel-stand thing. We call it the MarriageSaver 9000. You slap the cap on the end of the trunk, stuff the end into the stand, step on the pedal and swivel the tree around until it's straight, and let up on the pedal. Presto! Like magic! No stuffing shims into the stand and trying to tighten the horrible eyebolt screws and the damn thing tilts anyway. It was worth the thirty bucks or whatever it cost.

Okay, time to go beat the dogs. Hope has been yapping all night. What the hell?! Baby miraculously has not woke up. Lucky for Hope. We call her that because we Hope she will be a good dog. Hasn't happened yet.

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Cate said...

Howdy! I'm here, I'm reading. :) You can also try joining a ring (there are some mommy blog rings out there, do some googling, or join blogexplosion to increase your traffic. That is, if you want to. Sometimes I have mixed feelings. You saw my troll troubles (I think I actually found her, but don't really feel like busting her now that she's gone away). I was also plagiarized by a teenager. Pretty funny. Anyhoo, the blogosphere is a weird place. Sorry I haven't been by in a while--something was up with your feed and it didn't say that you had new posts on bloglines until today.

Congrats on your house! Great news. I hope this one sells fast. I hear you on the grandma thing. Rhys' grandma made some similar comments about what if she had been born at a different time. At the age of 90. Interesting.