Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Sad Days

A dark cloud is hanging over our household... We have a lot of pets: three dogs and three cats. Julianna's sister is a veterinarian... Anyway, we might only have two dogs pretty soon as the largest one, a brown Doberman named Bosco, is down at the clinic in pretty sad shape. He started this weird coughing and vomiting thing on Saturday, maybe Friday night, and we didn't take it that seriously because he is the King of Vomit. He likes to eat rotten walnuts (shell and all) out in the yard and then throw them up on the rug, for sport. But then Sunday evening he didn't eat all his dinner. Which is like the sun failing to rise. This is a dog for whom the bowl of kibble is the very point of living from day to day.

So Julianna took yesterday off and drove Bosco down to Amy, and he started coughing up blood. They x-rayed him but his chest is so full of fluid they couldn't even see his heart. They think it's either heart disease or a growth that ruptured. Either way it's bad, bad, bad. So he's on diuretics and all sorts of things to try to get the fluid out of him so they can get a good picture.

And here I thought he just had a bit of walnut shell lodged somewhere, or a stomach bug. The poor fella.

It's all about loss around here lately.

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