Sunday, June 15, 2008

A brief, alcohol-related survey (painless and fun!)

Okay my friends, do me a quick favor.

Tomorrow evening I'm attending a post-finals get-together (translation: gathering at bar for express purpose of consuming many, many alcoholic beverages) for the quarter ahead of mine in nursing school. I may be attending this one in lieu of my own because I want to go for a bike ride on Tuesday which is when mine is happening.

The question has been posed to me: should we get a cab, or can I drive?

Okay, so I do have one more final the next day at 2pm. I can't get too stupid because I should really be up at a decent hour to study the next day. Theoretically this means I could control myself a bit and be the designated driver. But.... if we got a cab, then I could get a lil' tipsy.

Decisions, decisions.

Help me out here, peeps. Give me your take on it in the comments.

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