Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Birthday Girl

So, Delia's fourth birthday is next Monday. Last Sunday we had a family party for J's side, a joint party for Delia and two cousins who have birthdays on either side of hers. It was the usual mayhem -- six kids ages 8 and under, four of whom are girls ages 4 and under. Lots of fun.

Fortunately but unfortunately, one of the aunts gave Delia a Playmobil Noah's Ark. The minute she opened that thing, she became a giant pain in the ass. She wanted so bad to go play with it by herself. She refused to go outside, she protested loudly if anyone else wanted to touch it, she didn't want to do anything but play with that toy. Alone. Right now.

Nonetheless, we all survived, and here are a few pics:

The birthday girl with an apron set given to her by our housemate.
Delia puffy hearts the cake, featuring "sea creatures" that she picked out herself.

Blowin' out the candles!

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