Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dollar store gifting

So today I had to take the small fry to the doctor for the hurling/poopage issue, and afterward because I am a terrible person I was then obligated to take her to the dollar store. She puffy hearts the dollar store in a huge way.

Once inside I was tempted by many items, especially the vast selection of decorative figurines in many styles, but I held firm until we went to get in line at the checkout. It was then that I spied the basket of those little compressed thingies that you throw into the bathwater and they amusingly swell up to become a full sized washrag, as if by magic. The designs vary by season, or someone's whim, or who knows. Currently the theme was the planets in our solar system.

I was forced to purchase one to send to my brother.

You guessed it.



Anonymous said...

My goodness! Is this for the brother with the imaginary butt cheeks? I can’t imagine a more fitting gift!

yellojkt said...

Too funny! But how does he know what planet it is? The brown stripe down the middle?