Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What's New

What's New? I'm not being a good Fat Loser. Fucking G irl S couts. Fucking cookies. Ah well, it'll all be over soon. Pool opens on Monday, friend Katie coming to try it out with me and the baby. Sweet! I'm seeking inspiration. I'm floundering, a little.

Took on the calligraphy job, not sure I can do it, but will spend remainder of week dutifully practicing until I determine it one way or 'tother. If not (mainly due to bumpy paper and smallness of script required) I'll offer to write it out in fountain pen for free. Least I can do.

Baby talking like mad and now walks self to bed every night. Sigh. Almost missing carrying her to the crib. She's so big! New words daily. Asks for more, again, says no, says yes. Where is my tiny baby? And very tall. Super cute today at the library.

Not much else to report. Every time I sit down here to blog it's all just news reports. I'm avoiding thinking too hard, I think there's too much going on at once and I can't focus. Will blog more when I am obsessing about something!

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yellojkt said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Most babies are cute, but yours is especially so. Next time I update my template, I'm hunting down one of those "Marriage Is Love" sidebar thingies.

I had never thought of HIPAA and other medical privacy laws as being anti-gay, but I guess the can definitely be used that way. When you are in pain, you need loved ones around you. My son was hospitalized for two week last summer and it was horrendous. If you do not have an advocate for you in your hospital room, you can't get the right care.

Again, I'm glad things turned out well and that toddler sure looks well loved.